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About Me

The youngest of six children, I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Debilitating health issues brought me out west to the warmer climate of Las Vegas.

However, my true journey started with a friend and an angel class. For weeks on end my friend talked to me about going with her to this class, but I kept saying no. My finances at the time were so horrendous, the $20.00 cost for the class, was simply more than I could part with.

Thankfully, my friend refused to take no for an answer, and the evening of the class, she pulled up to my driveway, honked the horn and said she wouldn't leave until I got in the car and went with her.  Well, persistence paid off, because I gave in and went with her.  Little did I know how significantly my life was about to change.  To this day, I will always remember the exact moment when I was "kissed" by an angel.

The teacher was sharing beautiful thoughts and stories related to the angelic realm and glanced my way for just a moment.  Suddenly, tears rolled down my face, and continued throughout the remainder of the class.  I tried to stop crying but I couldn't seem to control the tears.

The next morning I felt as if a weight had been lifted off me, and I could see.  My heart, mind and spirit had shifted.  I was gifted a healing ability(Angelically Guided) I had never known existed.  I also realized I was a medium when some amazing friends had recently introduced me to two special people that have passed away.  The contact they made with me after leaving the physical world paved the way into the world of Spirit and proved that our soul (energy) never dies.

I started studying Metaphysics to learn as much as I could about my new found gifts.  I've completed my bachelors degree and am currently working on my Masters degree in pursuit of my doctorate in "Metaphysical Counseling" from the University of Sedona. 

I became fascinated with paranormal activities, and began a journey in the world of paranormal investigation.  I can tell some pretty interesting stories having spent time with two paranormal teams here in Las Vegas.  I was even fortunate enough to be asked to provide guidance to some actors for a Paranormal movie. 

Energy healing simply fascinated me so much, and the ability to self heal with it, that I decided to pursue some "structured" healing modalities.  Currently I hold degrees/certifications in Reiki, Angelic Healing and BARs. 

My passion is to be of service and my education in Metaphysics helps me fuel my passion.  I currently teach a class monthly called "Life on the Other Side" which teaches about what happens when our soul sheds it's skin so to say.   If you would be interested in more information please use the "Contact Me" tab and I will be sure to provide you with information on my next class offering.

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