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My name is Haley Findlay and I have been going to Jeannie for spiritual guidance for almost two years now. When we first met, we had briefly crossed each other’s paths and she stopped me on my way out the door. She told me she just had to speak with me regarding my grandmother that had recently passed. The message she gave me brought tears to my eyes and I knew in that moment that she would become my mentor and guidance counselor in many different ways. Not only is Jeannie an extremely talented psychic and medium, who has given me incredible intuitive insight throughout the years, she is also very gifted in several capacities. She has guided me in business, dating, and even identifying culprits in certain situations. Most importantly she has assisted me in discovering what my soul truly wants and needs and has brought me back to a space of self love and self respect when I thought it was gone. Through this process she assisted me in leaving a relationship that I thought I couldn’t escape from. Without Jeannie and her guidance, I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be today. Jeannie is also incredible with energy and energy healing. She has done a lot of energy work with me and I have truly seen the difference in my day to day life. Most of all, Jeannie has always made herself readily available for me whenever I needed her. Even if it is as simple as a text or an in person session, she has always been someone that I can count on!


Las Vegas, NV/New York, NY


Jeannie saved me. Mentally and Spiritually. I was devastated by the loss of my mother. That plus being in a toxic job had me in a dark dark place for a long time. Through her guidance I am in a much better place (100 times better!!!) and growing into who I am meant to be. I know I am truly blessed to know her.

Jessica L.

Rockford, IL


I met Jeannie about 2 years ago to reconnect with my father who is passed. The information she gave me and the guidance she had provided was like no other. Since then she has also helped me on my spiritual path. I have so much more knowledge and tools thanks to her. I also have had energy work done by her and it is amazing. She is fantastic with my daughter with talking about spirits and crystals, which my daughter loves. I truly believe I met Jeannie at just the right time, and I am on the right path. I have referred my mother along with 5 or 6 close friends who also love her and the work she does.

Leilani M.

Las Vegas, NV


I've had the pleasure of working with Jeannie and would recommend her to everyone. She has a beautiful soul and really listens to you and makes you feel so much better. She has given me so much good advice and makes me just feel good after every conversation. I will definitely always reach out to her in the future.


Chicago, IL


Jeannie, I would like to respond to the beautiful afternoon of May 10 that my sisters and I spent with you.  So many times I have read the saying "If only there was a telephone up in Heaven, I would call you every day", well, you were my telephone, Jeannie.  Since I was a very young girl I always carried a heavy burden about my relationship between my mother and I.  Being able to hear what she had to tell me through you healed my heart and made me love her even more.  Same with my brother-in-law.  The guilt I was carrying was lifted when he spoke through you.  Also my dad.  The precious moments he held dear to his heart.  Jeannie, when I was in my 20's I was going to a shrink to find answers.  Never did.  Once session with you made me so peaceful.  You did the same with my older sister, Susie.  I know some people will not believe, but I can only tell what I have experienced and I cannot thank you enough!!!!!  I always felt I was blessed with what God has given me and I am so thankful that He made it possible that our lives have crossed.  May He always bless you!!!!!  Sending peace and love to you, Always grateful.

Fran B.

Las Vegas, NV


Jeannie is a true light for God, and one of the kindest gifted people I know.  I would recommend anyone to have a session with her.  It is a beautiful experience.

Janet F.

Green Valley, NV


Jeannie is a gifted medium.  I was fortunate enough to receive messages from my loved ones on the other side through Jeannie. She's was able to validate personal family information so that I knew the messages I was receiving, were truly from my beloved family.  Jeannie gave me such a beautiful and life altering gift.  The messages of love and encouragement from my loved ones on the other side brought me joy and happiness knowing that those I hold dear are still with me.  Thank you Jeannie.

Kimberly P.

Las Vegas, NV


June of last year I received a call in the morning that would change my life forever.  The voice on the other line was my sister saying "Mom's Dead".  Later that evening I remember taking a shower and hearing my mother's voice as it she were in the bathroom with me!  Days after I often heard her, then my grandfather and before I knew it, I felt like I had a family reunion going on.  All the while I was silent and didn't share with anyone in fear you would be labeled as crazy or something else not nice.  In a sense I did feel crazy because I didn't understand what was happening to me.  I felt crazy and at the same time I was grieving.  Long story short one day my husband and I were waiting for a friend at a local store when I happened to see a Reiki center.  That day I met two lovely ladies by diving meeting. 

I scheduled my first of several sessions with Jeannie.  In that session with Jeannie I felt safe, relieved that someone understood me, and loved because of all the angels and energy!  I could go on but in my sessions she gives guidance, wisdom and understanding.  I am open to receive and she poured into a vessel that needed some love with some extra stank on it!  Jeannie's gift is amazing and full of loving light energy.  I make it my business not to go too long without a session.  Not that I can't hear from Spirit, but she has knowledge I have not yet obtained or it may need to get to me a different way.  Sometimes you don't know what the session is for but when it is over you feel healing has occurred.  We all help each other when we grow! #ManyBlessings

Nicole R.

Beaverton, OR


“Jeannie explains the transition to the other side in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand.  She helped me put my “puzzle” together by giving me the pieces of information that I was missing.    I was able to receive a message from my loved one (which was really neat) and the class gave me the tools to sharpen my skills and I definitely left the center feeling POWERFUL, ENLIGHTENED and at PEACE.  Thank you very much for the wonderful experience.  God Bless “

Jessica V.

Las Vegas, NV


Jeannie was awesome!  I love her soothing peaceful energy.  I felt lighter and rejuvenated after our session.

Amanda F.

Las Vegas, NV


I absolutely Love her!  She was right on about everything and was even able to help me with some physical issues.  Her reading was very accurate and enlightening.  I am recommending her to all my friends and family!!


Las Vegas, NV


                                                                                                                            Such a Lovely Experience!!

Karla L.

Las Vegas, NV


Just the whole thing:  The reception, the reading and healing, your love, the confirmations....THanks!

Nico A

Gent, Belgium


 I was having a para-get together at my home. I had several guests and two psychics, Jeannie being one of them. We were asking questions and seeing who might come through, when my husband arrived home. He was not in the room when Jeannie started describing someone living in California and a brother connection. Jeannie continued giving information then about a father passing away young in life. At first we thought it might have something to do w/a member in the room. She went on describing strange shoes. That totally stumped us! Then my husband walked by and he was wearing his funky shoes. lol Then it totally clicked! I had my husband sit in w/us. Jeannie said his father (who passed way very young, leaving behind my husband and brother in California) was very proud of him and always watching over him. Jeannie told my husband that he did spot his father once. My husband said one time when he was driving home, he caught a glimpse of his father in his review mirror but thought it might be a trick of some kind from his mind. We were totally blown away by this. Jeannie said she started getting messages earlier in the day but could not make the connection until the get together. Jeannie is an amazing person!! Not only helping those make a personal connection w/passed loved ones, but being a person of great healing and caring energy!!!

Anna F.

Las Vegas, NV


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INSERT THE TESTIMONIAL TEXT HERE. FOR EXAMPLE:Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Your staff was extremely helpful and I am so happy with the outcome. I wish all businesses would treat their customers as you do and I will recommend you to all my associates. Thanks again for your help.
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