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 During a session we may connect with loved ones that have crossed over. Sessions are free flowing as we never know what spirit has in store for us. Sometimes spirit comes through with very touching memories of an experience with you.  On other occasions, spirit just wants to confirm they are with you.  Often spirit will want you to ask those questions that have been running through your head; your loved one's want to help you heal.   There are also times spirit will come through specifically to request your forgiveness for something that occurred before their passing.  Individual sessions are healing for those here in the physical as well as for those who have crossed over.


Energy Healing

Energy healing incorporates  essential oils and both Reiki (Universal life source energy) & Angelic Healing.  This is an exceptional process that aids in healing, stress reduction, and relaxation. Energy  Healing  is a gentle and powerful technique that works as an effective healing and balancing force for your entire being - your spirit, your mind, your emotions, and your physical body.   If your life force energy is low or blocked, then you are more likely to get sick, feel stress, and consequentially have no energy.  If your life force energy is high, you are more capable of being happy, healthy, and beaming with energy. Incorporating Angelic Healing with Universal life source energy (Reiki) allows for an opportunity to relax, enjoy the flow of energy and heal with your angels.


Conscious Channeling & Counseling

Connecting with the divine conciousness helps in focusing on what is currently occurring in your life and review the possibilities of how the future may unfold for your highest good.  Our future isn't written in stone; our thoughts, words and actions are what create our reality.  Divine guidance can assist you in empowering yourself to create the reality of your goals, desires and the happiness that awaits you.

Metaphysical Counseling 

Metaphysical Counseling can assist your in unleashing the power deep within you.  This power may be covered by years of false beliefs in your capabilities and worth, negativity, and carrying emotional baggage that isn't yours. Be ready to empower yourself, find the unconditional self love you deserve and recognize the truth of your being.  Come with an open mind and heart to explore your past and embrace a new perspective.  These session usually incoporate some Metaphysical Healing to assist the energetic changes that can occur during counseling.

Other Services

  • Small group offerings
  • Home Energy Clearing/Balancing
  • Office Energy Clearing/Balancing
  • Animal Energy Balancing

Distance Readings & Healing

Please contact me via phone or email to set up your distance healing and/or readings.  

Spirit allows me to work near or far ~ Depending where you are located.  I look forward to being of service.


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